domenica 31 luglio 2016

Marta Tibaldi with Teresa Chan, Marie Chiu, Marshall Lee, Brian Tam, Emma Ting Wong

Transcultural identities. 
Jungians in Hong Kong

Artemide Edizioni, Roma 2016

"A heartfelt collection of narratives which serve as a bridge to the world of analytical psychology in Hong Kong.This remarkable corner of the world has produced a number of gifted clinicians who work in multiple languages with highly diverse populations. Master storyteller Marta Tibaldi weaves a set of tales from this group into a wonderful, rich study of transcultural encounters. Treat yourself to a delicious read at this psychological Dim Sum."

Joe Cambray, PhD
Provost, Pacifica Graduate Institute - Past-President IAAP

"Anyone interested to learn more about the history, the politics, the culture and the literature of Hong Kong, known in English as Fragrant Harbor, and the effect on individual development, should read this book. It is one of several books and research projects emerging from Jungian analysts and past routers working in cross-cultural partnerships in different parts of the world. Marta Tibaldi and her five colleagues are to be congratuleted for producing a book that is of interest at many different levels."

Jan Wiener
Director of Training, Society of Analytical Psychology, London
Vice-President IAAP, 2010-2013, Co-Chair IAAP Education Committee, 2007-2013 with special responsibility for Eastern Europe

"This unique book gathers the biographical journeys of students and senior members of the Hong Kong Analytical Psychology community, all of them highly influenced - inspired really - by teaching, supervision and treatment from Marta Tibaldi and her Western Jungian colleagues. In this way, it represents the way that their influence has not only taken root in Hong Kong, but has already led to the beginnings of a ramification of analytical ideas and work in this unique Chinese-Western cultural mix."

David E. Scharff, MD, Editor Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China

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