domenica 4 dicembre 2016

Marta Tibaldi

A Commentary to Cai Chenghou's 
"Creativity and Transformation of the Psyche"


Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China
Editor David Sharff, volume 2, 2016 


The author describes the Jungian theoretical and clinical orientation she shares with Cai Chenghou in the light of differences between Chinese and Italian cultures. She considers the basic elements of psychoanalytical treatment including and beyond offering space for the emergence of images, together with the essential elements of therapeutic interaction. She expresses some difference in the understanding about the diagnostic status of the case presented, and then outlines her view of the value of having therapists retain states of not knowing in order to be able to discover new truths about their patients. Finally, she wonders if at times Chinese colleagues take Jung's ideas too literally, and in that way foreclose the metaphorical richness they offer.

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