venerdì 6 marzo 2015

Marta Tibaldi at the Shieh-University of Taipei (Taiwan)

Marta Tibaldi 
at the Shieh-Chien University of Taipei (Taiwan)

The Jungian Method od Active Imagination in Theory, in Practice and in its Clinical applications.

March, 7-8, 2015 (9-13; 14-18) - March14-15, 2015 (9-13; 14-18)

The general aim of the lessons is to explore the Jungian method of Active Imagination in Theory, in Practice and in its Clinical Applications. 

In particular to define the method of Active Imagination and to describe the watershed in understanding and in practicing Analytical Psychology after the publication of C.G.Jung's Red Book.

To describe the genesis of the method by following C.G.Jung's autobiographical narrative in the sixth chapter of Dreams Memories Reflections "In confrontation with the unconscious" and to highlight Jung's parallel personal experience of the individuation process and the paths of wisdom in Eastern and Western alchemy.

To describe the four steps of the method of Active Imagination according to Marie Louise von Franz and to stress the importance of "taking an ethical stand" towards the Unconscious images.

To reflect on the concepts of Ego-Self axis and of the reflective function as leading metaphors in the psychodynamic diagnosis and treatment.

To experience the direct confrontation with the unconscious images through the four steps of the Active Imagination and to engage the students in its practice.

To present the method of Personal-Impersonal Deep Writing (PIDW) as a practical tool to practice Active Imagination through writing.

martedì 3 marzo 2015

"The Small Mother Complex. A Jungian reflection on the cultural complex of Femininity" - Workshop

The Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology is privileged to invite Dr. Marta Tibaldi,
the IAAP liaison person  for the Hong Kong Developing Group, to visit us again.
Marta is a psychologist, a psychotherapist  with a specialization in Analytical Psychology.
She is a training analyst and supervisor for the Italian Association for Analytical Psychology (AIPA) and a registered training analyst at C.G. Jung Institute at Zurich.

On 28th March 2015, Marta will present a workshop on the following topic:

The Small Mother Complex. A Jungian reflection on the cultural complex of Femininity
One day workshop with practice of dreamwork analysis

In this workshop Dr. Marta Tibaldi will reflect on the notion of “cultural complex” in general
and on some aspects of the Italian complex of “feminine” and “femininity” in particular, considering how they affect either the inner relationships between the male and female psychic principles or the relationships between women and men.

Joseph Henderson of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco used the term “cultural complex” for the first time on December 3, 1947 in an unpublished letter to C.G. Jung and Thomas Singer recently put Jung’s original complex theory and Henderson’s work on the cultural unconscious together, extending Jung’s analytical psychology to the relation to the cultural aspects of the psyche.

As for personal complexes, "cultural complexes can also possess the psyche and soma of an individual or a group, causing them to think and feel in ways that might be quite different from what they think they should feel or think” (see T. Singer with C. Kaplinsky, 2010, “Cultural Complexes in Analysis”, In Jungian Psychoanalysis: Working in the Spirit of C.G. Jung, edited by Murray Stein, pp. 22-37. Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago).

The notion of “femininity” is characterized by strong cultural aspects and therefore tends to act as a cultural complex both in women and in men.
The Mediterranean Great Mother has always been considered an image of great power and influence on the Italian psyche.
Marta Tibaldi’s provocative thesis is that the Mediterranean Great Mother Complex has
turned now into a Small Mother Complex, that is in a devalued image of femininity that leads to images of “small men” and “small women”, “small feminine” in both genders, to the detriment of the individual and the collective experience of the desire.
Considering the poor narratives that shape Italian women’s and men’s relationships trapped in the Small Mother complex, spontaneous unconscious imagery and its autonomous narratives represent a priceless resource.
If we can become aware of the personal and cultural narratives acting inside ourselves, we can become active narrators of different stories.
A reflection on Shirley See Yan Ma’s book “Footbinding”, just translated in Italian and forwarded by Marta Tibaldi, will be the starting point to focus also some aspects of the Chinese cultural complex of femininity.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants could provide one short dream or image each in which there are dynamics between feminine and masculine, or female images.
Marta will work in the audience’s material.
The analysis of dreams/images brought by the audience will add a practical and a direct experience of some unconscious aspects of the Western and Eastern cultural complex of

This activity is co-sponsored by the Methodist Centre

Date: 28th March 2015, 9:30 AM - 4:30PM