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Hualien Fairytales' Seminar - Tell me a story. Fairy Tales for Life

Telling me a story--Fairy Tales for Life

Speaker: Marta Tibaldi  
Translator: LI-Fang Tseng
Time: Feb.28, 2015 14:30~17:30
Venue: Ocean Healing Room, Counseling Center, Hualien High School
            42 Citizens Road, Hualien

The deadline is 25 February.
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If you have any problem, please mail to Limay Chen: : cell phone 0920135290

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Marta Tibaldi
Telling me a Story ---- Fairy Tales for Life
Hualien Fairytales' Seminar

(Ph. Marta Tibaldi)

Telling a story or being told a story is an experience that each of us did at last once in our life as a child or as an adult. Fairy Tales belong to the human beings ever since the history  began, and the human beings will belong to them for ever.

Fairy Tales speak to the humankind in general, but they know also how to speak to each of us in particular. There is a Fairy Tale waiting for us to be told, it is the Fairy tale that wants to speak exactly to you, because it is the story that will mirror your hopes and sorrows, your expectations and disappointments as no one could ever do better.


Marta Tibaldi’s seminar Tell me a Story ---- Fairy Tales for Life is meant to reflect on these aspects of Fairy Tales, on the specific elements that shape them on both the universal and personal language they speak to the listeners and to the tellers. The seminar will be devoted to reflect also on the feminine and masculine characters in Grimm’s Fairy Tale The Handless Maiden, as images of the psychic feminine and masculine acting both in women and men.

(Ph. Marta Tibaldi)

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