sabato 2 agosto 2014

The intuitive knowledge

Marta Tibaldi
The intuitive knowledge

In the Jungian model of the mind the four psychological functions we utilise to know ourselves, the others and the world are thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Each of us uses one of them in particular and refers to the others in an auxiliary way. Becoming conscious of our main function improves our natural ability to discriminate and orientate psychologically.

In Puglia, in the whithe town of Ostuni, an ancient  Messapi's village, I met Tonino Zurlo, a multifaceted local artist that embodies and gives voice to the culture of Salento, with an intuitive sensibility that I would define natual archetypal. Tonino uses these words to describe himself: "I do not know how to define myself. I know many things but I do not know why I know them: without being able to tune the guitar, I invent and play songs; I cannot draw, but I carve with olive wood; I cannot write in dialect, but I write poems in the Ostuni dialect. It is a mystery also for me. I think that this happens to those who are kissed by creativity . It is the divine dimension that  dwells in some individuals. I know I am a  means, a hand guided by something that is greater than me. But  substantially I would say I am a poor Christ" (A. Susco, Tonino Zurlo: dalla terra alla coscienza, in Liber@mente, n. 120, anno XIII, marzo 2013, p. 24).

When Tonino speaks and sings it comes to my mind that James Hillman would have enjoyed him and he would have appreciated his unconscious perception of the "soul" (see J. Hillman. Anima. Una nozione personificata, Adelphi, Milano 2002).

The following song, originally written in Ostuni dialect, shows the intuitive knowledge and the natural archetypal dimension of this artist; as much as the many sculptures in olive wood in his  shop.

Play of souls

I browse this life book,
I look at me and tell myself
how many silly things you did in your life,
but it's life, but it's life.

I browse it again
I go forth and back
then I see you and I ask myself:
who are you? who are you?
you that make me say things coming from so far
you that lighten my soul?

I'll let you stay,
I'll let you play with my fantasy
that I need to live, 
that I need to live
like the air to breath.

You are so beautiful, you are so beautiful,
but what I am feeling it is not love,
it is a game of souls
and for you who knew and know what is pain,
I want this song let me become of linen, silf and velvet
to caress your soul,
to caress your soul.

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