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JUNG PRIDE - A space to reflect on the Jungian analytical identity


Marta Tibaldi
JUNG PRIDE - A space to reflect on the Jungian analytical identity 

Jung Pride is the name I choose for a new permanent space in my blog to reflect on what defines the identity of the Jungian analysts, their clinical practice, their social and political responsibility, their vision of the world.

In general the term Jungian Analyst or Analytical Psychologist defines the psychologists or medical doctors trained as depth analysts in one of the Jungian training schools that belong to the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). They are professionals able not only to treat the psychic suffering and disorders through a psychodynamic approach to the conscious and the unconscious mind, but also to recognize and to integrate the creative and transformative aspects of the psyche, towards the realization of personality as a whole, thanks to some characteristic tools such as the method of active imagination.

The name of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) is sometimes associated to a negative prejudice, that often comes from a poor knowledge of his theory and practice and from a misunderstanding of some popular analytical notions such as, for example, "the archetype" or "the collective unconscious". Still more misleading is the New Age twisting of Jung's analytical psychology.

Jung Pride wants to give back to the Jungian theory and practice and to its commitments towards the inner and the outer world, the importance they deserve. Without being an acritical apology of Jung and of his analytical psychology, Jung Pride is meant to be a space for information, thinking and confrontation with Western and Eastern professionals and not professionals on the Jungian identity and practice in the actual times of difficulties, challenges and transitions.

I am proud to be a Jungian analyst of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and thanks to this space, after more than thirty years of clinical practice and teaching in the Western and also in the Eastern world,  I wish I could contribute to share Carl Gustav Jung's tremendous actuality to understand and to recover psychic suffering towards a better and more creative individual and collective existence.

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